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As I am watching “Youth Knows no Pain” on HBO-E, I am triggered by a doctor’s question “What’s your feeling anout the anti-aging industry?”
I feel it is going over-board. So many people, doctors of all kinds, facialists, skin technicians and alike, are getting into this business. And so many young people are attracted into this beauty-fixer upper industry for their obsession of being beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I am attracted to pretty things as well, probably in two ways: out of curiosity and admiration. I admire beauty that is highly self-maintained through natural nourishment and trained through hard-core disciplinary acts.
I believe we are in the age-conscious era. We human beings have evolved from being conscious about what we intake to what is good for your body, your brain, and the most ultimate desire is stay young longer, (if not forever). So does Youth knows any pain? Of course, it does, depending on how we take “that pain”. No pain, no gain. Not happy about one aspect of your face, your body? We have to weigh on the pain if it’s worth it for the gain we want. The pain from the knife, from exercise or disciplinary actions. It is all up to us. Agreed for those who have limit physical capability have to choose the knife-pain. But then you have to maintain, to keep it up. I believe in no pain no gain. I listen to my body, and eat, sleep, relaxt, workout equally and moderately. I don’t really need to go far out of my way or my limitations.
I am in my thirty’s and no one can’t believe my real age. A plastic surgeon friend once said I look like twenty-something. God bless him! We all know it takes as double work for women as it does for men as part of aging process. Women stretch, expand, shrink, sag, wrinkle, lose bone density due to menses and giving childbirths. Men go bald, age later, sag a little bit, but most likely expand. Then it would be sad if men can’t keep up and can’t maintain. The key is “maintain”.
The worst mistake is to be like someone. As we grow and learn from mistakes, own experiences, we know more about ourselff. I have learn to love myself better, know what I want, what does and would make me happy, what stands out from my body, my face. To me, being healthy, in control of your life, and being strong are what boost the condidence and self-esteem, which then boost the beauty.

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Study = NoFail
NoStudy = Fail
Study + NoStudy = Fail + No Fail
Study(1 + No) = Fail(1 + No)
Study = Fail
Voila! Interesting!

Murphy’s First Law: Nothing is as easy as it looks.
Murphy’s Second Law: Everything takes longer than you think.
Murphy’s Third Law: In any field of scientific endeavor, anything that can go wrong will go wrong.
Murphy’s Fourth Law: If there is a possibility of several things going wrong, the one that will cause the most damage will be the one to go wrong.
Murphy’s Fifth Law: If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.
Murphy’s Sixth Law: If you perceive that there are four possible ways in which a procedure can go wrong and circumvent these, then a fifth way, unprepared for, will promptly develop.
Murphy’s Seventh Law: Left to themselves, things tend to go from bad to worse.

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Federal Projects

ARRA includes provisions for funding federal projects as well as federal agencies. These projects encompass infrastructure upgrades, energy initiatives and healthcare data management improvements. Many of the projects include IT components, such as physical security/video surveillance, broadband, energy-efficient products, virtualization and electronic medical records (EMR).
Some funding highlights include:
$4.5 billion in efficiency upgrades for federal buildings
$20 billion in tax incentives directed towards energy-efficiency projects
$11 billion in funding for the “Smart Grid” focusing on renewable energy and increased efficiency in our existing energy supplies and generation
$10 billion to the National Institutes of Health
$40 million for the Social Security Administration to adopt EMR
$100 million for border security

State and Local Government

State and local governments will be receiving more than $144 billion in fiscal stabilization funds to re-start shelved projects and cover budget shortfalls. They’ll also receive grants and funds earmarked for specific projects. These include infrastructure upgrades, healthcare initiatives and energy-efficiency projects. Solutions that will be required include: physical security/video surveillance, broadband access, energy-efficient products, virtualization and electronic medical records (EMR).
Below are a few of the programs that are likely to generate technology projects under ARRA at the state and local level:
$27.5 billion in highway infrastructure investment
$4.7 billion for the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program
$3.4 billion for job training for displaced workers and youths
$6.3 billion for state and local clean-energy programs

Education Highlights

$100 billion dollars in funding has been identified in ARRA to bring the education system into the 21st century. These funds are targeted at both lower and higher education and include stabilization funds for local school districts, special education funding for disabled children and a new tax credit for students pursuing higher education. Solutions required for these projects include video surveillance, broadband, digital signage, mobile computing/wireless, virtualization, and document imaging and management.
Some funding highlights include:
$44 billion in a state fiscal stabilization fund to assist school districts and state-owned colleges and universities
$12.4 billion for educating disadvantaged children
$1 billion in funding for Head Start and Early Head Start programs
$2,500 in tax credits per higher education student provided by The American Opportunity Tax Credit

Healthcare Highlihgts

The U.S. public healthcare system will receive close to $60 billion in funding under ARRA. These funds will be used to improve and modernize the delivery of healthcare across the nation with projects such as electronic medical records (EMR), upgrading community health centers, increasing information security and developing telehealth systems (delivering health-related services and information via telecommunications technologies.) These will require solutions, such as mobile computing/wireless, energy-efficient products, virtualization, and document imaging and management.
Some funding highlights include:
$50 million for information security
$44,000 tax incentive per individual medical practitioner to upgrade to EMR
$85 million for the development of telehealth systems
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Klaus – I called him uncle Nerdy, and now “Uncle Trekky” led me into this metaphysical conversation tonight. He always started the chat with an exciting topic of life-related physics or some math theories.
Here is one of them:
Chaos theory is all about weak causality. Strong causality holds and has not yet been disproven by counter-example. Heisenberg’s uncertainty only applies to observation. Humans seem to be a product of interactions in the universe dictated by strong causality since we didn’t observe our own creation. Now, the question is: Are we the masters of our own fate?

11:53pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Yes we are. Life is good and short. Whatever that is applied, uncertainty or chaos or entropy – life is what we make.

That is really the question. I just answered Monique in the thread.

11:54pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Uh, uh… are we all becoming philosophical?

If strong causality holds and the collapse of the wave function is not random in its results, then quantum states are the result of cause-effect relationships and the state of the universe is pre-determined

No, its mathematical/physical with high impact on philosophie and reloigion

What is your take on this?

11:56pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Metaphysics – I read some. They are so powerful taht can blow my mind

I’d rather like to think its physics.

11:58pmLyna Yen-Nhi
off just thinking or relating to life/work situations

This question has moved me since over 20 years. Don’t even know why I brought it up now.

Another question is if time exists. We are able to measure time and unable to reverse events because of irreversible thermodynamical effects like microscopic particles being rubbed of our brake pads.

12:00amLyna Yen-Nhi
So what was your anser?

But that implies a simple state change. Time may not even exist. Just and enless sequence of state changes, that is linked togther in a causality chain

Whats is my answer?

First, I have to read up on quantum physics and Schroedingers wave equations. Then I will be able to form an opinion.

12:02amLyna Yen-Nhi
Physical Chemistry was my favorite class in college. It was a combo of both thermodynamics and chemical reactions… Some cool stuffs!

Time is more complicated. Einsteins special relativity uses a 4-dimesnional space-time continuum and things hold up pretty nicely in the large scale. In String theory they use 13 dimensions. Things become way more complicated there…


Physics and Chemistry where the only classes were I got A’s. Was too lazy to do anything else :-))

12:04amLyna Yen-Nhi
Wow! 13-D is obviously way complicated.

And its so complicated that unlike the standrad physical theories formed in the past, there are hardly any experiments to prove it.

12:05amLyna Yen-Nhi
are you gonna prove it?

However, if more dimensions are “rolled” into the apparently 4 dimensions that we have, we should be able to measure the gravitational effect since the gravitational force weakens with the square of the distance.

That may be the only experiment that can be done with the current technology.

I am too old and stupid to prove anything.

12:06amLyna Yen-Nhi

All the famous people have finished their major work before their 30 birthday.

12:06amLyna Yen-Nhi

Thats why the Fides medal (the highest price for Mathematicians) is given to people that are <= 30 yrs old

I am serious

Anyway, we neede to chat over this next time we meet face to face. Typing speed not adequate.

12:08amLyna Yen-Nhi
you can beat them, with your pace and age (if you think that way)

Ha! Thanks for the flowers. Anyway, I let you go now… Hope to discuss this some time face to face. Not many people arounf that can hold up a conversation about that stuff. 🙂

12:10amLyna Yen-Nhi
You must like reading this stuff. Okie. Tlk to toyou later.

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Reading this article on “practicalhappiness.com” gives me some perspectives, and hell yeah… I can’t tolerate this.  My self-esteem is so hight to let it go by. Disrepect and inconsiderate – I can’t tolerate.  Liar, cheater, being cheap or insecure?  Whatever ego he has, I would strip it off.

Flaking, not returning phone calls, canceling dates repetitively with short notice, being unavailable more often than a reasonable person would, being “busy” all the time and alike are all signs of second class behavior that you have no reasons to tolerate. Putting up with the above treatment from anyone has a double harmful effect on you: first, it hurst your self-esteem and self respect because when you accept this kind of treatment from another person, you communicate to him / her and to yourself that you don’t deserve any better and that your time and life are not valuable and thus can be “played” with or disregarded with ease; secondly, any dating situation or relationship in which one person treats with the other with lack of basic respect is doomed. Whoever hopes that their partner’s inconsiderate attitude and conduct will change and improve is deceiving himself. In the vast majority of cases it doesn’t, but it even gets worse. As a person gets away with more and more, he / she will take advantage of your tolerance more and more – something that will hurt you more and more as well. So, don’t waste your time on anyone who doesn’t reciprocate your attention. There is no reason to. Move on without hesitation and pursue relationships with those people whose sense of personal responsibility and respect for your time and life make them worthy potential romantic partners.

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