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How did my dilated eyes feel

After the meeting, I cut my day short and headed out to the dr’s office. Got my eyes checked up and dilated. Not sure how to read the eyeglass prescription. Last year it was less than 1.00. This year it is 1.00/1.25. Does that mean my eyesight has gotten worse, as I feel lately? It’ll get to that point I will wear glasses. Hoowever, it was quite an interesting trip home today. I am not sure what the eye docs did to my eyes physiologically, but every single light became a sparkling flower or firework to my funny eyes. It felt like a July 4 evening for me. I really enjoyed driving through jungle of lights and it did indeed put me in the mood for holidays season.
Everything looked bright and my eyes are wide-open. Thought I could close my eyes for a nap, but then I couldn’t. I was curious to how I looked when my eyes got dilated, so I looked at me in the mirror when I got home . They looked zombie-like, more white, which brought me back to Halloween.
It was some funny experience.

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Suddenly looking at the calendar early this week I couldn’t believe Thanksgiving is already on its way, coming next week. I hate to hear the Xmas music in the stores that early. Or am I not ready? Anyway ready or not, I have to acknowledge the fact that time flies so fast. Christmas and New Year will be here soon. Hurrily I planned on my last vacations for the year. For sure I will need to catch up a lot of sleep. I am beat, can’t wait for my week off. A few minor house works to finish up. Early shopping for gifts. And I will be done before Xmas. My second cousin and her husband may come down from Wichita. (Yes, she is a young girl who came from Vietnam for college and is officially married now.) My brother will be home for Thanksgiving. Mom is so excited, and wanted to cook as many Vietnamese dishes as she could for him and for us as a family. I am looking at the list of recipes, thinking I may try out the “Rasp/Cranberry tart cake” – a change of course from cherry cheesecake. And then I’ll figure out where’s next for the real vacation destination. The intention of visting grandma in Mountain Homes (or Mountain Range?) is still hanging on. She lives in such a distant rural area by the border bewteen Missouri and Arkansas. I don’t feel like doing solo trip to visit her. I feel like doing things differently this year, going somewhere to a different destination for Xmas or New Year, and come back and start fresh for the year of Tiger. It will be another exciting year, I suppose.

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The year is ending. It is time to renew and/or change work benefit plans for next year, which then add more to-do’s in my list. Speaking of changing plans, we have to do this at least every 2-3 years. If the company does that, why can’t we do so as an individual when it comes to internet/cable/TV/phone services, car and home insurances? So it is time to shop around.
First thing first, health insurance, as we are changing from Humana to Aetna, I will miss my PPO 1000, or maybe not. Deadline for completing the enrollment is Friday of this week. Time is crunching.
Healthcare insurance is the most confusing thing in this world. After all these years of having plans company-sponsored and self-paid, I still can’t figure what to go with. POS and HMO? And then there is Open Access HMO vs Traditional HMO.
If I am healthy, do not see that I will get really sick or hospitalized, what is best for me? POS/PPO? Or HMO? As they say, what works for one maynot work for others. I don’t know what’s ahead of me within one year. But I ‘d better plan now. Should I give HMO a try for one year? Hah hah… the docs / hospitals would not like this as I will pay less or nothing out of pocket, and Aetna will cover more for me but pay less to them for sure. The cons: my HMO-plan monthly premium will be as double as what I paid under PPO plan. That is the up-front cost, and helps the company with half of the cost. Unless I was in mental care, ER, or hospitalized, I would not have to pay a dime. I will be restricted to access one PCP only, and get referred for every single specialist I want to go to. Some say it sucks; some could handle it OK. And usually it is the long wait before visiting a specialist. On the other hand, POS1500 looks reasonable, my annual cost is cut back, although the deductible is high. Of course company always looks for cutting back on the costs for both company and employees. Moving to this plan could save me good dollar amount (approx $300 from current year plan), which can be put into flex spending account for co-pays and deductible.
Deductible is the scary word to any consumer (but it is a favorite word to insurance agents). And then they have these terms “after deductible” and “deductible waived”. The deductible kicks in when there are necessary or rendered services which are not covered by the chosen plan, especially dental services, if I am understanding correctly.
Dental care is always expensive and necessary. I had to pay 1/3 of the cost for my crown. But it was not that easy to pay up-front an amount of 500 bucks. I can tell, most dental office hate the process of billing and keeping billing patients. They want quick payment and get it done with, and therefore CareCredit is in the house. It is all my money anyway.
I can’t take my health for granted. What if I became disabled and could not work? Another decision to make: STD or LTD? I have been thinking of switching from LTD to STD? or should I have both? I have been thinking “long term”. Now I should think “short-term”. What if I become a working mom, or adopt a child?
STD (Short term disability) ensures salary pay for 6 months after all sick days are accrued and (maybe) vacation days are exhausted, and the sickness has to be certified by the doctor. Most of the times the doctors won’t sign off unless there are real complications, for their liabilities. What are the policies on company side, insurance side, and healthcare (doctor) ‘s side? It can be a trick to your expectations. But it is always good to have it handy. It’s time to consider this. Actually I have been thinking about this plan for two years now. I am ready for child birth or adoption. I don’t know how others do it. But to me, getting ready for being a mom takes plan.
The Short-term disability insurance costs more than the Long-term. LTD kicks in after 6 months of being on STD sick leave, and lasts up to 2-5 years. Do I really need LTD? Most likely I’d get back to work after 6 months. What if I discontinue/decline LTD next year? Does it mean I will lose the benefits I could have earned from LTD otherwise?
The Group Basic AD&D with the employer should take care of this, according to Insure.com. So adding LTD would make me un-neccessarily over-covered?

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I look for joy in my everyday living. I open my heart chakra to both give and receive the purest form of love into my life. I experience the joy of simple living and I teach children and young people to express and recognize joy in their lives. I honor the creative side of my nature and find joy in expressing my creative talents. I experience joy in meditation and contemplation. In my contemplations I appreciate the true joy I find in nature. In recognizing and acknowledging the beauty of nature, I learn to elevate the levels of joy in my life. – Daily meditation

Is your glass half empty or is it half full? How do you see the world around you? What is your perception of your own life, environment, and loved ones? When you wake up in the morning are you happy, sad, or indifferent about the day ahead of you? Do you enjoy the work that you do? Do you feel loved? Are you in love with your partner or spouse and do you like your partner as a good friend, or even a best friend? In short, do you like who you are and the life path you are living?
It has been said that life is an attitude and I tend to agree. Life is an attitude and depending upon what your attitude is, life can be a joy or a burden. It is all up to you.
The importance of finding joy is simple. Joy is a higher energy vibration. It is a great magnet for your highest and best good to draw into your life and stay there. Joy is a recognition of all the good that exists in life and the Universe. Joy is a fast-moving force of energy that draws you to your path of destiny. A sincere dedication to keeping joy an active emotion in your life will open new doors of opportunity for you and your loved ones. Establishing joy in your life will bring you fulfillment and a serene sense of peace and security.
The key to finding joy is to create serenity in your life. The best way to create serenity is to meditate. At the height of the chaos in your day, you can bring back the joy if you meditate to become calm, serene, and loving. The world may be falling apart around you, but you can become a pillar of strength and serene calm if you meditate and listen only to your inner guidance and wisdom.

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After installing Aptana and Eclipse, loading any thing in IE on my PCs at work and home threw the Visual script errors to debug. That prompt for me to click on Yes or No to debug is getting so annoying. The Debugger Plugin within Eclipse is not functioning properly, or was just not installed with auto updates for some reason. Any websites that have JavaScript throw this type of error. Having been reluctant to install Firefox as IT department will give me a hard time, I waited and waited until now I realize I need it to run Aptana/Eclipse for projects. But what I need is a browser with debugger, and with NetSuite projects, Firefox is what the developer needs. Many script writers and Mozilla gurus call it the “fix to stupid Internet Explorer bugs”. So I decided to download and install Firefox on the PC at work, not meaning to replace IE though. I don’t want to remove IE, as it is there just in case I want to revert from Firefox to IE. Besides not all websites are designed with both Mozilla and IE in mind. Some web sites may just throw a “you don’t have javascript enabled” message; while others recommend “use IE”. But it is all just the compatibility issue. You Tube seems to have problem running in Firefox. So it’s better to keep two choices then.
So far I love it. The download and installation took only a few minutes. Importing favorites and home page, settings from IE, and voila. Mozilla Firefox is ready for me. It’s slick. It’s a powerful web crawler, with built-in search engine besides Google. It’s smooth and fast running. It even speeds up the loading of Facebook. The interface of the latest version is clean and light. I have to say it (version 3.5.5) is much mature compared to the earlier versions (that I saw people using before). Why did not I think about migrating my browser earlier? What did I wait for? Actually I did give it a thought, but was not ready. Some buddies and IT geeks recommended. I guess I did not have a purpose for using it. These are the resources that will help me with my work projects, as long as I know what I am doing. I’ve got to do what I need to do.

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On Board Life
By tdastudio

There are times in life when you find yourself below deck waitin’ for the storm to pass — or maybe even hit —

And other times when you’re havin’ so much fun you don’t even notice you’re hangin’ from the mast by one finger —

and you haven’t a clue what’s next, nor do you care.

As my time aboard this ship of life increases, I’m definitely wanting as much as I can get of the second state — the “glorious beauty of an appreciated now” as its been referred to by —

Oh, who knows —

But I am seriously thinking about this state and how to maintain it — right this minute.

And what comes to mind as a huge contributing factor to getting more time on the mast and less time hesitating below deck is the makeup of my shipmates.

When I was in high school, I had a favorite phrase in a little book given to me by a very special person — my S.S. actually — and it was:

“I would not live without the love of my friends.”

Can’t tell you who gets tagged with this quote, nor do I care — right now.

But I can tell you that it stands today as the leading contributor to my appreciated now — through stormy seas or calm waters. And to this I will add two words that I’ve found make all the difference.

I would not live without the love of my friends who amuse.

Being amused has got to be one of the greatest simple pleasures in life —

And this respect, I live in a virtual amusement park!

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There are more crazy hacking people from the other side of the world. It was Russian, Indonesian, Nigerian, … and now Vietnamese.
This morning upon checking my yahoo email, I found two of the same kind of email in Vietnamese from google email support.
My first thought: what the heck? Google support people send this out of vietnamese? So untrue.
So I checked out the full header of the email and Voila. The returning path has: @gaia.bounces.google.com. This is suspicious. Looking up for the IP address – it is from Google in Mountain View. Weird! Is it possible that they use Google’s IP to mask their own? First of all, google support would carry gmail.com, or just @google.com in their returning path. Secondly, they always send out message to your gmail account if you are a gmail user, and of course in english. Well then the spammer is within google itself? There is always a possiblity. The best action to take: Beware and be careful.
If you receive email like the one below, spam them immediately (in Yahoo) and report abuse/spam (in Gmail). They hacked into your google profile for secondary email linked to your gmail account, or vice versa with yahoo.
This type of email hacking can drive you nuts, leave people in confused, not-knowing-what-to-do state.
From accounts-noreply@google.com Sun Nov 8 13:35:28 2009
X-Apparently-To:myemail@yahoo.com via; Sun, 08 Nov 2009 05:35:28 -0800
X-YMailISG: wdVoCz8WLDumX4K3HJfa.tEgd37FK31iGVxuq6zI1_apNlBDcSh4GnHICqvZZBvu4.aCimflhHk7pKyVQb2f6esYW0aN2D3DgXQRXZ8ECdbIQfwAfS2qO5aw7UiMLhESmSS58HcRcZ4Hwh.m2VFYTPToktflJdb_yDkuy5San9_l1Wkxr04520HdGH1gbp3eV3hjB9HDspiO0Oc0aa4Raa0lHNEB4kqsf2HdY6hOx9k.R8v_tNsfc1.oEEsa1l58o9N1oFBd2w88VnscKdTbOBkD0_WFU0Gec2vCbL67bbpI9jpDfgPk3vmvr3FltRBJodkzNEInvKAIHtKRbHYwIE0YX8sQfXAK7EIqNVqBGDJD8_yCCoTGJT_RfZ_VmlRBsIHUDWFhq_Hj3tlo4_etVgGS9FLmqqNj0n1AxV1qpr6WkKkGOdlBnXpB6uW85qVw6BtJek_y0VodbKoGMWroiTNuH9qAIHKVIsmyha4H3GmLbNtFaWaEXojG
X-Originating-IP: []

Try out this cool tool for tracing “Who is” at a certain IP address even your own IP address and your computer’s information.

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