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Once upon a time I caught myself reading this book in the Half-Priced Bookstore at Rice Village. It’s a wonderful book,The Book of Qualities by J Ruth Gendler. She’s a psychologist and artist. The book describes 99 qualities… Each “quality” has a character of its own – or better said, an illustration. Some excerpts from the BoQ:

Excitement wears orange socks…

Despair papered her bathroom walls with newspaper articles about acid rain…

What a great mind she has! Simple idea, great talent, and rich imagination – all put together into a very coherent work. I could relate to more than one for myself. I thought, Am I that complicated? or it’s just me that is divergent? All in all, the book is a collective observation she has built up over the years – on human states of mind or the complexities of human psyche. I am with her on “the Qualities live together in a town–Courage lives on the same block as Fear. Faith and Doubt are in the same apartment building; Despair hangs out in the basement. However, I don’t want to emphasize the Town of Qualities too much because it implies that the Qualities are separate from us, and they seem to be both in and around us…”
I am suddenly reminded of this book by a nice gesture of a friend, I’d call him Dr. J, and he chose Joy for me … and I think I would have chosen “Joy” as well, while I also like “Courage” and “Compassion” and was intrigued by others …
Joy drinks pure water. She has sat with the dying and attended many births.
She denies nothing. She is in love with life,all of it,the sun and the rain and the rainbow. She rides horses at Half Moon Bay under the October moon. She climbs mountains. She sings in the hills. She jumps from the hot spring to the cold stream without hesitation.
Although Joy is spontaneous, she is immensely patient. She does not need to rush. She knows that there are obstacles on ever y path and that every moment is the perfect moment. She is not concerned with success or failure or how to make things permanent.
At times Joy is elusive—she seems to disappear even as we approach her. I see her standing on a ridge covered with oak trees, and suddenly the distance between us seems enormous. I am overwhelmed and wonder if the effort to reach her is worth it. Yet , she waits for us. Her desire to walk with us is as great as our longing to accompany her.

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Women Matter

Women Matter
Consultancy McKinsey is just one organisation to have linked higher performing businesses with diversity at board level. Its study Women Matter 2, published in 2008 found that companies with a better balance of men and women at the top more competitive than rivals with male-dominated boards.

McKinsey also identified nine behavioural traits that mark out a good leader and found women scored higher than male peers in five:

  • People development
  • Defining expectations/rewarding achievements
  • Being a role model
  • Being inspiring
  • Building a team atmosphere
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