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In regard to the article at Helium, I would say our ‘modern’ human behavior is a result of both ‘human nature’ and the ‘environment’.
Why do people do certain things they do but others don’t?
In general, this is simply their natural behavior, or their culture. But we are talking about ‘modern’ human behavior, we absolutely are dealing with the culture that we live in today. Human beings develop through three stages: babyhood, young adult, and mature adult. If we have ever observed and wondered why babies behave in such a different way from what any of adults and young adults behave, you would definitely believe nature gives our babies such a different culture of their own. Do babies have behaviors? Of course they do, but are not mature enough and have no knowledge to be aware of their own behavior nor culture. Behaviors therefore are accumulated through a process of being evolved, experienced, and matured. We evolve through cultural adoption and environment adaptation and/or changes, but not necessarily mature at the same time. I would say at young age, we humans tend to behave by the cultural rules, or better said within cultural boundaries. Living in modern society, human behaviors (and therefore lifestyle) can be easily shaped up by environment, by be it where they work, what kind of work they do, or the environment where they live. However, not all humans evolved that way or even in the same pace. Two individuals can show they are both highly-efficient in working environment, but their behaviors are still different.
And then there are human beings who are adaptable and can learn how to adjust their behaviors in different environments. There are also those whose behaviors (and possibly lifestyle) are shaped up by what they do, as who they are. One person can become comfortable with all that his/her career life can offer: stay & eat at luxury hotel, spend extravaganza, have room service at the go and at home. Another person travels with more subconscious set of habits: travel to where there’s a gym and/or a pool or a trail nearby, come and leave the room mostly as untouched, does not request room service everyday, treat and make it home everywhere he/she goes.
A Christian employee may act and think more liberally, eat different foods; whereas a Muslim employee may dress differently, reacts differently, has to pray at noon time and fast on certain days.
So it’s just because it is in their nature. It is still boiling down to the culture that differentiates human beings who display our diverse human behaviors.

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