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Vacay is over!

One-week vacation is over. It was quite a nice and productive vacay. Productive? Yes, I used vacay for all maintenance catch-ups, first for self, second for car, and then for houseworks. One weekend of camping and going to the beach was enough. I got plenty of time to rest and refuel; a few days to finish up the back yard, fix the gutters, clean out the garage and upper deck, spend time with mom, the car’s oil changed, and the business paperworks finally figured out. Absolutely no computer login for almost entire week, not until Sunday night checking in for email. I am impressed at myself.
I am NOT a high-maintenance person, per say. I am good at mainenance because I believe everything in good care will last long. I apply what I learn from IT business, and of course from experience as a consumer. (Preventive) Maintenance business is always in my mind one of the top profit-driving businesses, in any industry. It is just a basic practice, but it is still underlooked.
I am attentive to surroundings, on regular basis, but I can be better. Taking care of self is most important. Some people tend to spend more time taking care of their beauty. skin, hair and nails. I think I need to improve that aspect.
Back to work this week, we are ready for the end of fiscal year’s. The year was cut short, 11 months only. Time for the financial reports, for the STAR P. E, and for next year’s benefits selection. As always, the Budget keeps being tightened up every year. The healthcare cost will be increased. What changes to leverage on the budget? I am waiting.

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