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It has been a while since I last blogged.
The weather has been so nice. Spring is here. I already think of Summer. I am starting to jot down my list to do for the year before I forget to do it.
I have always had in mind the resolutions, what need to be done, tons of things in mind, and it happened that few items were always missed out in the past. I do list them on my personal computer but never keep track, because I don’t always get on the computer at home. But I do check-list them at the end of the year.
This year I will do it a bit differently, I guess I’m afraid of running out of time, and I know I can procrastinate… Bad habit needs to be gone. So here is the list:
– Complete the paving of the small garden in the back yard.
– List the removed doors and double-sink on Craigslist
– The roof work was done 2 yrs ago, is still under warranty, needs some clean-up and retouch work
– The idea of rainwater collecting has popped up for sometime now, I should start looking into ideas for this green project, and shopping around.
– Re-surface the balconies, front and back.
– Get the sticky shower faucet fixed or replaced. The new replacement bought from Home Depot is not the right one (if not Delta?); for the old house built with the commercial features in mind, I think I have to dig up the information from online or the plumbers.
– Get the townhouse rented out
– Travel more? I can see that. By myself (again)? Would be nice to have a travel partner… Will see what the yr will bring…
– Get one of the old Sony Vaio laptops tuned up for Mom
– Teach Mom on using computer and email, and of course get her on Facebook so she can chat with relatives in Vietnam
– Help cut back Mom’s menu on sugar/carbs. She can eat. Somebody has to watch her.
– Reserve some savings for next prop shopping later on
– Shop for my prescribed eye-glasses. Where is the last prescription? I guess I have to go back to Dr. Fried’s. This has been procrastinated for a few years now, until recently i realized my eyesight has gotten worse at night. I NEED the eyeglasses, to protect ‘mes yeux’.
– Last but not least, staying in shape and take care of my skin.

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