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Finally Mom is on the net, not only on facebook, but also on yahoo, on email, on all the news websites.  Ever since the presence of my nephew online, we wanted her to be a part of his life and therefore any picture or video of him she can not miss.  Nevan is so adorable.  He is a piece of everyone of us.  It was my intention to help keep her mind sharper every day.  And now it is just right timing.  She wants for her to be online with Nevan almost constantly and also she is not bored when I am not around.    One mission accomplished.  She is now addicted to facebook (to her grandson, of course) and online news.

My sister Lily said, we have to watch out for mom’s comment (if it’s public) on anything we do on facebook…  True!

She is into news, especially anything about Vietnam, into meditation and buddhist readings.  And she wants to have her own blog.   Wow!!!

Mom is smart, a quick learner.  Everybody is impressed with her pace.  She is an active and inquisitive lady, I would say. That is what she needs.

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