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I feel Goood!

Another week passed – Last week of the month.
I FEEL GOOD! I feeel like a genius.
I met the project deadline, after putting in a lot of hrs for the past 4 weeks and working on special schedule just to focus on the project. Whew!!! I beat it. Now I am tired, stressed, sleepy, feel like a zombie walking around. I missed the gym. Its time to go back and make up for all that. I have not been sleeping well lately. Waken up at 4-5am is normal. My body clock has changed… I feel my brain drought. Added to that, it was quite a stressful week for entire office, we had a few workers being let go. So sad! But it is part of budget cut. Hope they will find their new positions soon, and end up working in different department.  They will come back.  On the other hand, my Mexican labor keeps calling and asking for work.  I comforted him I will find some work for him around the houses.   I wish I can create more and more jobs…

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