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Sustainable habit

October is over.  November is here.  It’s the month of light saving , of light transitioning from north to south.  There will be more colder, rainy days, and absolutely windy days of falling leaves…   Such are nature’s laws.   Speaking of laws, I have been sticking on my principles of living until… recently I have a new habit.  Drinking coffee – is it a bad habit?   I used to think so.  No smoking, no liquor, no coffee, no soft drinks – strictly for my healthy living.   I love the aroma of coffee – no doubt about it.   I passed by the coffee aisle at Kroger’s this weekend and could not resist checking out the Organic Columbia coffee beans.   Suprisingly, drinking coffee does not make me go to sleep as it used to.  I am more alert during daytime, and have slept much better at night.  That is a good sign.  So I am now into it – the freshly roasted and recently grinded.  It’s ok to drink coffee from time to time, as suggested by Mary Jane (my asthetician).  It all started with her; oh and the irrestible  “Keurig” coffee maker at the training class last week.   On the side note, Kroger’s was said in an GCImagazine article soon to become a hypermarket not only for groceries but also for private label health and beauty products.   I read that coffee helps with reducing pigmentation;  also read that it can make skin worse.  One thing I know is, I am drinking more water.  Coffee does dehydrate your body/skin.  Just like wine, there are so many controversies of coffee/wine intake.  Some coworkers I know have been drinking coffee all their lives and look really older than their ages.  I am setting the weekly limit: 1- 2 coffees only, no sugar added.   Keep in mind anything over-consumed is not healthy for your body.  Sustain it!

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