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Happy New Year! !! The New year 2012 has already been here.  Where was I?  I am like an alien or  “nothing new, it’s just a change of calendar – another calendar to turn its pages” .   Admit it, I did not welcome the New Year the same way as I had done previous years.  The weather has been so unusually amazing … .  We had a nice Christmas week, a chilly Christmas eve…   I got a nice long break for family events, then a breakaway for myself, and then time for fighting the flu/cold.  Blame it on the sudden amazing change of weather.   I can’t complain.   Everything would come so early this year – the warm weather, the sun, the rain.  The Iowa Caucus is already here.  I am not into it as it’s no longer the same as was in the history.   Too corrupt and crony – such are politics.   Very soon the Luna New Year will come, in 3 weeks.  It will be the Year of Dragon before I know it.  We had a good rain in Texas – the start of dragon’s watering the earth, to make up for last year.   As we enter the year 2012, we have to look back and also be prepared to open a new book/chapter of new, blank pages.  As usual, I am putting words on my new pages.

New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. Let’s raise a toast to the new year that holds many promises.

I wonder if I should do the checklist again.  It’s there in my mind with a few important items – I am sure.  I am thinking of doing something different – make a wish instead.

A new year has begun.
A chance to start life anew.

A time to stop living in the past, to forget all the failures, and let go of all doubts and cautions.
May this New Year bring peacefulness and prosperity to all countries of the world, uplift the life of those under economy hardships and mental breakdowns.

May this New year be filled with glory and victory.

May this year help me to let go of all the disappointments and anger, let my life be filled with strength and courage, and keep me in healthy shape and mind.

Let this year be full of adventures untold and mark the start of many sweet, wonderful surprises.

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