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I was asked if I am an alpha female type?  I think I am more of a unique type, but is there such a thing as “alpha” or “beta” female/male?  Then there are type A and type B personality…. So many that the psychologist made up.   I don’t like being stereotyped.  I just feel I don’t fit in any certain labeled group.  I may carry certain traits of an “alpha female”, certain “beta”, and some “omega”, and anything in between.

So I looked up for what alpha female is made up of, by definition.   Alpha can be bossy or dominant?  That’s not necessary.  I am nurturing, radiate warmth, cool and calm.  I know what I want. It takes a right attitude and a balance act to be a right kind of alpha.  The kind that is so comfortable with themselves that they don’t have to boss people around and don’t have to play mind-games or ego-trips to maintain their alpha status.   Life experience may have developed certain common traits in women/men.  I think it I can agree with some traits….


Alpha females are intelligent , independent, and happy. They do not have their feathers ruffled to easy, they don’t slander others, and they are comfortable in their own skin. They attract the right type of people into their life, and are generally successful. An alpha female knows how to be confident, not cocky. She expresses what is on her mind, with grace. An alpha female is on the top of her game, and everyone else’s. It is hard to fool an alpha female.

She is someone that can handle herself in any given situation, and knows how to mix compassion into her life, without being weak. She is a true leader. A woman of her word. An alpha female will not break under pressure, and because of her psychological strength, she is often the one others go to for advice and support. She doesn’t talk in an awful manner about others. An alpha female is wise beyond her years. An alpha female is true to her friends, and true to herself.

She is well mannered,at peace with her life, and very independent. She has pride, and she is happy with herself.

If you know an alpha female, be glad you met her. Alpha females as friends are true. An alpha female has a bond that lasts in thick, and thin. An alpha female will never betray someone that is close to them. Alpha females are rare, strong, graceful ladies.

An alpha will excel in a business where she has total control, can flip the switch to turn it up or down when she wants, and has a small legion of devoted employees.  Too many employees makes it possible for a coup.  You know how alphas get!  She’ll blossom where the limelight is on her and she can be seen as a star, if even for a night.  Most of the businesses listed below will enhance or work with one of her stronger attributes.  This is mostly for fun, but each business is fully capable of being run by someone else.  It’s just that the alpha always brings a little more dazzle.


The test result says “I am an alpha female”.  Interesting.

Are women and men necessarily as different as Venus and Mars?  Not necessarily; I think I like the writing at http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/8168/alpha-male-beta-female-which-one-are-you/.  In recent mass-market fiction, even Alpha heroes are required to develop modern-day Beta characteristics, like heightened sensitivity and emotions, thanks to the influence of the female heroine in the novel who ‘tames’ her man. But it isn’t always the case in the real world, such as in the case of a high powered modern woman who doesn’t need ‘rescuing.’ For her, Prince Charming may very well appear in the form of a relaxed Gamma, prepared to take the back seat or even be a stay-at-home dad in her castle.

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from mydailymoment:

As the world economy continues to boom, Leo, don’t be surprised if you’re surrounded by new work possibilities. More than one chance to increase your income could come your way today. The problem will be wading through all these opportunities and trying to decide which is the most appealing and workable for you. List your options and outline the pros and cons of each. Writing things down can sometimes make them clearer.

Indeed I am so overwhelmed…  all of a sudden projects come from everywhere.  I feel like everyone wants a piece of me… And the ongoing projects have deadlines.  I am learning on the fly how to re-prioritize and extend the implementing process on the roadmaps here and there.   And the call for moving to the Bay Area seems attractive.  It is a tough decision to make.  But I am counting blessings.

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