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Looking back at 2012

Four days till 2013, I am counting down again.  Actually it’s just 3 days 7 hrs to the ring of New Year, and as always it is time for me to look back.  Quite a busy, productive year it’s been.

For the most parts of the year, I was overwhelmed with projects, interviews, job transitions, and tempted calls for moving to SFO, Austin, or even further, in New Zealand.  I could not say enough thanks to previous positions that equipped me with the knowledge and skillsets that are now valuable, and in demand by many enterprises.  As they always say, everything happens for a reason.  I found myself working like crazy, there were 12-hr days.   I exhausted previous position’s vacation days to work for projects, that took away my weekends, my personal and vacation time for the rest of the year; donated unused accrued sick days to a former coworker who was disabled from a tragic accident.   Good thing is, I could not sacrifice too much of my personal time for all work, so I managed to keep my Flex schedule to have every other Friday off.  I would go crazy for sure otherwise…  Cousins were visiting from Berlin, Germany.  The first time they visited us, mainly Mom, in the US after 20yrs.  Younger brother was visiting home; and it was the first time I saw my lovely handsome nephew Nevan – he is a piece of everyone of us.  I welcomed and adored my first niece Bella in May from younger sister, and  look forward to welcoming second niece Noelle from brother this winter.   Life is not perfect but kids deserve the best of life and love.  I feel  for parents who lost their innocent kids to the nonsense shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.   I elected President Obama, this time with my full trust in his integrity and leadership, and hoped he was reelected by majority, knowing that it is Texas where my vote would not count much.  I did not elect him (nor McCain) 4 years earlier.  You can only tell whom to trust with time.  He is a passionate but persevere people-person.   It was unbelievable I lost my iphone at Home Depot.  It had this suspicion of my iphone missing or stolen and it happened so soon…  I should always trust my guts!!!  I am checking off my 2012 to-do-list, and yes, the townhouse is rented out, the soffit/roof got fixed; I acquired  another investment property just for income-tax deductible purpose.  I am happy I am able to provide shelters to others who need and can appreciate.  While renting the places out; I am OK with going home to Mom’s place after work/gym/mission trips….   I guess, I chose to spend more time with her; it’s always my intention for the past 10 yrs to be together with family.   I think I tried too hard to lead that belief.  Or better yet, I am still watching that to happen.  Mom was thought to have a slight stroke one night – what happened was she woke up to go to the restroom but could not make it to the restroom and laid on the floor for hours till afternoon. I believe she had a vertigo/dizziness, and hope she wears the LifeAlert necklace that brother subscribed and ordered for her.  However, I have to start checking upon her in the morning before leaving.  Mom has water delivered monthly by Ozarka.   The rainwater collection project is not done.  I missed the rain-barrel sales event at the City, will get to that next year.

And finally, I deserve a big reward.  After 6-month of online and stop-by/window shopping, I reward myself a new car.  And really this babe is meant for me.  After all,  it is not the Wrangler that I had in mind last year.  It’s a MB Coupe, for the sake of money worth-spent, I like it for its “Muscle, unboundAggressive in presence, athletic in shape (not too masculine), unleashed performance, and confident in motion; unrestrained style; unlimited engagement”.  Shopping for car was quite a self-educating experience and I am proud of myself for being prepared.  I am glad I also made new friends.  At the same time the wish of dating men to be like shopping for car occurred to my mind.  If dating men is like buying car, life would be easier – right car, right timing, right price, low miles, 1 yr/1 owner, edgy, with warranty, full options, and fun to drive…  Fun but real though.  🙂

The Holidays will run out quickly.  It is also time to reconnect with old friends.  2012 has come and gone in the blink of an eye as months, weeks and days whizzed by… and I was kept busy.   The world is wired up with social media, networks, twitter, skype,…  I am not totally wired up.  I finally got caught up with some good movies that I missed.  Roku XS box with video-streaming helps.   A few personal projects – as there are as always for months to come.  It is a world of craziness out there.  And kindness is hard to find.  I am looking forward to the much needed quiet time, and forward to 2013 another exciting year to come.

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