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Moi? I am a young active IT professional, who has broad interests. I am passionate about... Learning - life is a journey and everything/people come into our life for a reason. I incorporate this into my daily life experience; Travelling - from a road trip to a flight out of country (not North Pole tho) - I love every single moment of meeting people and history; Loving - learning to love myself first before being able to love someone; Reading - (anything that stimulates my brain); Writing - when pondering or stimulated by certain interesting topics e.g. blogging; Health & Fitness - oh yeah everything has its own cycle except own health; I am into biking swimming dancing hoola-hooping ... others that help me burn some extra calories; Music - motivates me; i can just jump up and dance to night, sweat it good or just enjoy good time with friends. Arts - nurtures me; i am drawn to various forms of arts - painting, drawing, handi-craft works,..., musical shows, orchestras .. Designing - interior decoration or home improvement my own clothing line (pending project); Staying out of trouble/drama; Daily objective: in harmony and at moderation. Although I always keep myself active, I have learned to balance work/family/friends. I am genuinely interested in learning about how things happen and open to continuously learning and exploring, because life has a lot to offer.

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