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One month since my last post, I am finding myself in the mood for writing again. April was a busy month with mainly family-related matters, as it turned out.
After finishing up work-related projects, I found myself travelling to California attending my cousin’s funeral. He had passed after 1 year of struggling with lung cancer, was survived by a beautiful wife and three young kids. She (his wife) wore an exhausted look, but was so strong. So were the kids. Parallel to that, re-visiting other relatives in the west coast was a refreshing and renewal event.
Back home in Texas, it was Mom’s birthday and the brother was home. At the same time going on was the community event at Vietnam Temple.
The other relative in town needed help with attending his kids as his wife was in Vietnam visiting her ill father. I was relieved that he’s recovered well after the surgey. Hope the thing in his brain is going away, by some magical power…
It seems that I am a “girl on mission” (someone has viewed me coming across as that).
As always, when May is here, I am nervous as I am afraid of losing summer time. I always have that feeling that summer will run out on me. For years, I have made it a yearly mission for me to celebrate Summer beginning (Memorial weekend) and Summer ending (Labor Day weekend).
Social life-wise, I believed in giving the best shot in whatever I do and while I am at it. I gave it 6 months since I started opening up my horizon… It’s weird that things just started picking up. There are things in life that happen when you least expect. I believe that is also my case, when the timing is right. It could be also some kind of message that I have paid enough attention to and listened to… A powerful message or a strong feeling?
Over the years, with lessons learned and time so precious, I have narrowed down the list of my preferences, at the same time resorted to all possibilities. There are men who impressively reads/understands me well in the very first place without a question in mind, and the number of them is small. Then of whom there are those who communicate their thoughts well, some don’t. Some with fascinating mind. Others with mysteries… for me to discover, hm? It is quite a challenge, but I gain many interesting perspectives indeed. It’s an insanely crazy world when everyone is looking for someone and is so skeptical and/or so cautious at the same time…
A quote has this, “those of us who listen and follow the messages that life offers live closest to our destiny and have the best lives.” How Life’s destiny and purpose merged, what Life offers next – I am curious and excited to see …

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Klaus – I called him uncle Nerdy, and now “Uncle Trekky” led me into this metaphysical conversation tonight. He always started the chat with an exciting topic of life-related physics or some math theories.
Here is one of them:
Chaos theory is all about weak causality. Strong causality holds and has not yet been disproven by counter-example. Heisenberg’s uncertainty only applies to observation. Humans seem to be a product of interactions in the universe dictated by strong causality since we didn’t observe our own creation. Now, the question is: Are we the masters of our own fate?

11:53pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Yes we are. Life is good and short. Whatever that is applied, uncertainty or chaos or entropy – life is what we make.

That is really the question. I just answered Monique in the thread.

11:54pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Uh, uh… are we all becoming philosophical?

If strong causality holds and the collapse of the wave function is not random in its results, then quantum states are the result of cause-effect relationships and the state of the universe is pre-determined

No, its mathematical/physical with high impact on philosophie and reloigion

What is your take on this?

11:56pmLyna Yen-Nhi
Metaphysics – I read some. They are so powerful taht can blow my mind

I’d rather like to think its physics.

11:58pmLyna Yen-Nhi
off just thinking or relating to life/work situations

This question has moved me since over 20 years. Don’t even know why I brought it up now.

Another question is if time exists. We are able to measure time and unable to reverse events because of irreversible thermodynamical effects like microscopic particles being rubbed of our brake pads.

12:00amLyna Yen-Nhi
So what was your anser?

But that implies a simple state change. Time may not even exist. Just and enless sequence of state changes, that is linked togther in a causality chain

Whats is my answer?

First, I have to read up on quantum physics and Schroedingers wave equations. Then I will be able to form an opinion.

12:02amLyna Yen-Nhi
Physical Chemistry was my favorite class in college. It was a combo of both thermodynamics and chemical reactions… Some cool stuffs!

Time is more complicated. Einsteins special relativity uses a 4-dimesnional space-time continuum and things hold up pretty nicely in the large scale. In String theory they use 13 dimensions. Things become way more complicated there…


Physics and Chemistry where the only classes were I got A’s. Was too lazy to do anything else :-))

12:04amLyna Yen-Nhi
Wow! 13-D is obviously way complicated.

And its so complicated that unlike the standrad physical theories formed in the past, there are hardly any experiments to prove it.

12:05amLyna Yen-Nhi
are you gonna prove it?

However, if more dimensions are “rolled” into the apparently 4 dimensions that we have, we should be able to measure the gravitational effect since the gravitational force weakens with the square of the distance.

That may be the only experiment that can be done with the current technology.

I am too old and stupid to prove anything.

12:06amLyna Yen-Nhi

All the famous people have finished their major work before their 30 birthday.

12:06amLyna Yen-Nhi

Thats why the Fides medal (the highest price for Mathematicians) is given to people that are <= 30 yrs old

I am serious

Anyway, we neede to chat over this next time we meet face to face. Typing speed not adequate.

12:08amLyna Yen-Nhi
you can beat them, with your pace and age (if you think that way)

Ha! Thanks for the flowers. Anyway, I let you go now… Hope to discuss this some time face to face. Not many people arounf that can hold up a conversation about that stuff. 🙂

12:10amLyna Yen-Nhi
You must like reading this stuff. Okie. Tlk to toyou later.

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