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A new word of the day – “preppy” – came tonight on air with the Colbert show. I never found the right word to describe my style in just one word before. It sounds like me. So I decided to look up into it.
Here it is from Wi-ki How:
The term refers to “someone who cares about their appearance enough to look good — but not so much that they are superficial. They are clean cut, classy and classical.”

1. An important quality of a prep is their ability to be happy, bubbly, and very social. Look on the bright side all the time and be happy with who you are, and encourage people to do the same.
2. Act friendly and outgoing… a little shy is OK, but be nice. Smile. Stand up straight. Avoid getting people angry. Forget talking about money or politics-it can put people off. Being snobby shows poor breeding.
3. Preps have a friendly attitude and good manners. Read Etiquette books or take etiquette classes. Good manners are very important to preps. It shows people you have had a good upbringing. Use basic politeness such as please, thank you and excuse me. Be considerate and hold doors for people. Guys, don’t wear a hat indoors. Keep your cell phone in check and put it on vibrate when you go to a public place.
4. Be social; make new friends and practice being more outgoing. Throw a party for no reason every so often. Try to keep the party drug- and sex-free. You can be the life of the party but still be classy at the same time. For example, if you are at a party you won’t be anti-social or drinking like a drunk and slobbering all over the place. Rather, you will have nursed one drink all night, socialized, and will not act like an idiot.
5. Get your clothes from a traditional, upper class stores. Get timeless, classic clothes that will always look stylish. DO get brands such as J.Press, Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers, Jack Rogers, J. Crew, Vineyard Vines, Lacoste, Nantucket Brand, Burberry, Lilly Pulitzer, Bloomingdales, & Saks 5th avenue.In-Style is not about all the chics, the trendy, high end accessories.
more at Preppy and Preppy

On item #5 & 6, I would say I am “preppy” 70% of the time.
Well, there are many discount clothing stores that you can pay visit to. Become a treasure hunter and you just never know what you find.
Find what enhances your body, what makes you feel good, and fits your pocket. The keys are take good care of your skin, your health, love your body, carry a positive outlook.
A glowing happy face in a healthy body shows the true beauty.

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